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Final Portfolio

Charlie Godin  Dr. Lucas  ENG 1103.18 22 September 2021 Finding Balance in different styles of writing In the article “Blog vs. Term Papers” by Matt Ritchel of The New York Times, he states that the rigorous format of making a point, explaining it, defending it, and repeating it is not the best way for students…

Final Reflection

As the semester comes to a close and the last week of ENG 1103 is upon us, there are many things that I have learned throughout the process. Taking time to write alongside my classmates with in-class writing assignments and collaborating on wordplay days is something that I have not experienced in an English class…

Turn of the lights and the blue lights 

   Using a cell phone before bed is a normal part of many people’s schedules. Worldwide, the average person uses their cell phone six hours and fifty minutes a day. A lot of that time spent on the cell phone is usually in the evenings. Using your cellular device has been linked to many adverse…

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